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Widow Coaching Services

***I WILL BE ON VACATION FROM JULY 18, 2018-August 10th, 2018***

Michelle's Widow Coaching Services aim to provide you with comfort, empathy, validation and a customized weekly plan to help you navigate through the trauma of widowhood.

Vent, curse, cry or just repeat, “I really hate being a widow” for an hour, and Michelle will listen! 

Michelle is a suicide widow, author and public speaker who has worked within the Widow community for four years. She has extensive experience coaching widows of all age ranges, backgrounds and death circumstances. 

To set up an appointment (before or after my aforementioned vacation dates) for a coaching session, click here  


First (required) intro session: $50 for 90minutes (a $90 value)​​

All following individual sessions: $60 for 60minutes 
NO OBLIGATION, stop sessions at any time

*Paypal or Venmo payments only